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Most new network-attached storage NAS devices can handle recording video from a wired or wireless network camera, but NAS-maker Synology has taken it a whole lot further with its Surveillance Station 8. When used in conjunction with a set of network-connected security cameras, Surveillance Station will turn your Synology NAS into a surveillance system that has enough in-depth features to suit both SMB and home usage scenarios. It can even integrate into a dedicated security system, or work with compatible smart home products.

The underlying concept is simple — an IP camera is connected to your wired or wireless network, and the footage can be recorded onto your Synology NAS. Surveillance Station 8. Most importantly, all the configuration and video viewing is performed via an easy-to-use web interface. Aside from home or office security, IP cameras are popular for monitoring pets, checking if deliveries have been made and can even be used with video intercoms for two-way communications.

Available as a free download, the Surveillance Station 8. It's compatible with over 5, different IP camera models. We tested Surveillance Station 8. For the purpose of this guide, we're going to presume the basic functions of your Synology NAS are already up and running — if not, follow the hard drive install and initial setup guidelines that were included with your device.

For anyone who wants to try before they buy, Synology has this fantastic free online demo of the DSM interface that includes Surveillance Station. It can perhaps look a little daunting at first, but if you get stuck at all, the Help file is very comprehensive and easy to follow. To connect a camera in Surveillance Station, first make sure you have at least one compatible IP camera powered up and connected to the same network as your NAS.

Adding RTSP stream in Synology Surveillance Station got easier!

Then, in the Surveillance Station interface, click the IP Camera icon to load the management tab, then select Add Camera from the top left or Add Batch for those adding loads of cameras at once. The Quick Setup option is great for first time users, while Complete Setup gives more in-depth options for selecting frame rate, resolution and so on — all of these can be edited later, too.

Next, enter a camera name, then hit the search button at the IP address box and any active cameras on the network will be automatically identified. Click Test Connection to auto fill the audio and video format, then click Finish.

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The next step is to set up some of the basic functionality. Here, you can set the cameras to continuously record, with preset limits based on time and storage space. Recording can also be set to a schedule, or activated by motion detection.

Recording video and setting up security alerts is great, but delving into the more advanced features offered by Surveillance Station will ensure your NAS is really put to work. For a start, we'd suggest installing the DS cam smartphone app available on both Android and on iOSwhich allows easy remote viewing and management on the go, and also enables extra features. Surveillance Station also has its own add-on apps, such as event detection, which allows a custom area and sensitivity to be set for motion detection.

For day to day use, Surveillance Station also has Home Mode, which makes it easy to customise how the system works when you are at home or not. Most importantly, using the mobile app, this can be set to automatically activate when you leave.

For example, the system can detect when you're not at home, and activate video recording and motion alerts, but then automatically turn them off when you get home. Surveillance Station is powerful enough to handle security for even fairly large businesses — and all while the NAS device also performs other storage-based tasks.

The new 8. Through the Live View mode, you can even have the system monitor an area and alert if an object is removed, or notify you if a car or person lingers in an area over a pre-set length of time. TechRadar pro IT insights for business. Surveillance Station can connect to over 5, different IP camera models, including video intercoms and baby monitors.

Surveillance Station has loads of inbuilt intelligence, including motion-detection areas and configurable alerts. Getting the most from Surveillance Station Home mode allows users to schedule different surveillance options or even have them activated automatically when you leave the house. Business use The DS cam app for smartphones is must-have for easy remote viewing and management of your surveillance system.

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The answer is simple: missing updates, RTSP and not based on the latest stock firmware which features improvements and new cool stuff. The effort and work that has been put into the other projects is great and without them the making of this new version wouldn't be possible.

I've been working on a functional RTSP implementation for the past 3 months. After that I published on Discord the first working closed-beta, available to supporters only. Now everything works as it should and the app functionalities are intact but they can be disabled if you want. I'm really thankful to those who supported the project and helped me by donating or sending me new cameras to test on, therefore I would like to reward them allowing to be the first ones to test the new functionalities.

The yellow light will come ON and flash for roughly 30 seconds, which means the firmware is being flashed successfully.

The camera will boot up. The yellow light will come ON again for the final stage of flashing. This will take up to 2 minutes. Go in the browser and access the web interface of the camera as a website.

Set up the ultimate home security system with Synology Surveillance Station

By default, the hostname of the camera is yi-hack-v4. Depending upon your network setup, accessing the web interface with the hostname may not work. In this case, the IP address of the camera has to be found.

This can be done from the App. Access the web interface by entering the IP address of the came in a web browser. It is important to configure each camera with a unique hostname.It's no secret that I'm a big fan of personal hosting solutions.

With data breaches occurring at an ever-increasing rate, having control of your own data is the best solution, and doubly so if you only need to access it from your own home.

While these devices are great at storage and offer excellent performance, many of them also offer a great ecosystem of apps that can be installed and managed, extending functionality well past simple storage. Today I'll take a look at Synology's Surveillance Station, a tool that lets you merge multiple IP cameras into a single interface. Surveillance Station has been around for a while, but Synology has recently upgraded it to version 8. Arguably one of the best new "features" of the upgraded version is that there is now a dedicated desktop application that you can install instead of having to use the system through a web browser.

While using a browser is great in a lot of situations, being able to have a custom made tool for the job can frequently be a better solution. The flexibility of Surveillance Station lets you use practically any Synology NAS and hundreds of different IP-based cameras, so you aren't tied to this combination at all. In fact, the company has a calculator that helps you decide which NAS device will work best for your situation, depending on how many video streams you'll be recording, how many days of recording you need, and some other factors.

Unlike other reviews, I'm not going to go into the performance of the DSj right now, although if there's interest I might do a full NAS review in the future. Just like any other package, DSM makes this process simple.

A single click of "Install" and you'll run be up and running. It's also listed under "Security. After Surveillance Station is up and running, there are two ways to access it: via the DSM application itself, or via a desktop application.

While the former is easier, I found there were many issues that I was unable to resolve, the most important of which is the fact that I was unable to actually play video, regardless of whether I was using Edge, Firefox, or Chrome. Therefore I'd highly recommend sticking to the desktop application. This is one area where Synology could make things a little clearer for the end user. Aside from downloading the Synology Assistant, I've rarely had a reason to go to the company's support site to download anything else.

Unfortunately, after installing Surveillance Station, there's no indication that a desktop client even exists. Considering the fact that the program is completely new and the web version doesn't really work well, I'd think this should be more prominently explained to the user.

There are versions of the client available for both Windows and Mac sorry Linux usersand the installation is a basic wizard that's easy to get through. The main client gives you a desktop that has a similar look and feel to DSM, but includes a different set of functionality from the core OS.

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The other two icons just let you jump directly to a feature without needing the Surveillance Station desktop, useful if you want to put the Live View on a separate monitor by itself, for example. Now that you have the software installed, you can move onto installing your IP camera and configuring the Surveillance Station to work as you want it to, all of which is just as easy as installing the package itself. Initial setup of the IP camera will depend upon the make and model you're using, but once it's configured, adding it into Surveillance Station is simple and easy to do and then you'll never have to use the interfaces of the various camera vendors.

The first step is to go into Surveillance Station. Either the desktop app or the web version will work, but for the rest of the review just assume I'm using the desktop version. The first page is where you name the camera, provide the IP address, and tell the application what make, model, and firmware version the camera is running. One minor bug is that when you're being asked for the firmware version, the dropdown box truncates the version.

I was able to determine the correct selection based on the data provided, but this could potentially be an issue depending on how long the version information is.

In addition, I didn't actually see a difference in performance regardless of which firmware version I selected. The next page is where you configure the camera's video and audio if applicable formats, as well as the resolution.

Setup XiaoYi IP Camera on Surveillance Station

One of the nice features is that you're able to setup two different profiles, one that's high quality and one that's lower quality. You can use then use these two settings to change the behavior depending on what's happening.

For example, in order to save disk space you might normally record at x and only 5fps, but when the camera detects motion you can bump the resolution up to p at 30fps for a while.

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The next page is where you set up the recording features such as how long each video clip will be and how long you'll keep the video. The settings are self-explanatory, and if you want to dedicate an entire NAS device, you can store a lot of data for a long period of time.Internal Android camera front and back is also supported to use the app as an IP camera or dashcam.

The list is constantly updated March 6, Arlo All cameras e. ABS Megacam 3 series mjpeg, motion detection Megacam 4 series mjpeg, pt, motion detection. Agasio AW mjpeg, 2-w audio, pt, motion detection, preset, led. A-MTK Generic rtsp, 1-w audio, ptz, preset, motion detection.

Aquila Vizion Aquila Vizion mjpeg, motion detection, led. Avigilon 5. Bewan iCam n mjpeg, rtsp, relay iCam g mjpeg, rtsp, relay. Blue Iris v1 obsolete mjpeg, pt, preset v4 h, mjpeg, 1-w audio, pt, preset, cloud playback v5 h, mjpeg, 1-w audio, pt, preset, cloud playback.

Digicom W mjpeg, 1-w audio, led HD mjpeg, 1-w audio, led. Loftek Nexus mjpeg, motion detection, led CXS mjpeg, 2-w audio, pt, motion detection, preset, led CXS mjpeg, 2-w audio, pt, motion detection, preset, led. Lumenera Le mjpeg Le mjpeg Le mjpeg Le mjpeg. Marmitek RoboCam21 mjpeg, 1-w audio, pt, preset, relay.

Medisana Smart Baby Monitor mjpeg, 2-w audio, motion detection. Mobotix Generic mjpeg, 2-w audio, ptz, sensor, preset, relay, led T25 mjpeg, 2-w audio, ptz, sensor, preset, relay, led.

Netcam ABHD h, mjpeg, 2-w audio, pt, preset, relay, led. Rollei SafetyCam HD mjpeg, 1-w audio, pt, motion detection, preset, led.

yi camera synology

Password is your Private Key. Sumpple S mjpeg, ptz, preset, led S mjpeg, ptz, preset, led.Buying a NAS server to house, share and protect you most important data is fast becoming the system of choice for home and business users alike.

However there are so many reasons to buy your first NAS. The list of things you can do with a NAS is surprisingly long and most tasks can be carried out simultaneously with the others. Of course you do not need a Monitor or Peripherals, both units give you full access and control to all cameras, software and video feeds via your network or other the internet via your Mac, PC or mobile device with numerous apps available in both Google Play and iTunes.

Likewise the control deck and multiple camera feeds that you expect from expensive and often subscription based software platforms like Milestone and NetCam is provided for FREE with the QNAP and Synology Surveillance Station softwareas well as being compatible with Thousands of different IP Camera models and in most cases being able to utilise and integrate popular IP Surveillance camera features like:.

It all sounds too good to be true and with all this good news, it would be remiss of us here at NASCompares. The Reolink C2. Indoor Camera. Wireless, Fast setup. Why not take a moment to look at their respective Compatibility lists below. You can find the different types and their competitive prices below, just click on the respective Logo.

Where possible and where appropriate please provide as much information about your requirements, as then I can arrange the best answer and solution to your needs. Do not worry about your e-mail address being required, it will NOT be used in a mailing list and will NOT be used in any way other than to respond to your enquiry.

Synology Surveillance Station Features and Review

Your Name required. Your Country required. Your Email required. Estimated Budget if you require Prices where available. Your Message. I am sending this data and accepting this Privacy Policy.

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Skip to content.The first one is it did not support RTSP protocol. Second one is the ping is very high when compare with the old version. But the first problem can be solved with some trick Will show you guys later.

Please refer to the latest post here. On how to use Google Paping, please refer to here. After make sure every connect work smoothly within our expectation, then next big step is to connect them to Synology Surveillance Station. Save the configuration as Xiaomi. This step is very important, so that after we added the configuration, then we can see the XiaoYi camera listed in the drop down menu of the device pack like below. Make sure you entered the IP address, and the port Click next or save it.

If you import an IP camera configuration, by default Surveillance Station will disable it. So you have to right click and Enable it. Hi, great post and very usefull but i have a problem whe I try to upload the file Xiaomi.

Do you know why? Like Like. You should see something like below here.

yi camera synology

Would you mind give a try to these models if possible? I can try to give you all infos possible and help you if you need, for the time you'll spend helping me. Thank you…. I have Dsj and Yi camera the one with night vision.About Bubbah Born in Belgium and living in Ireland. The nickname Bubbah is derived from a Japanese cartoon which central character is a bearcub named Bouba aka Bearcub Jacky. Thanks for the post. I use the "Onvif Device Manager" to find the right information.

So ip Thanks for this blog. Some manual config still needed I'm guessing.

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Synology tend to be picky, even with some perfectly compliant Onvif cameras. This didn't work for me, but with a bit snooping around and Onvifer for AndroidI quickly found out what settings I needed to get my Digoo W02F working.

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